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Draw Draw DRAW!

Oh my it’s the TOP TEN FINALISTS for the Design-A-Pony Contest!

Hasbro/Hub did a group thing of their own! 


So awesome, I so wish I could be at Comic Con to get one (Btw if you happen to be there and can snag me one Ill draw you something in return!)

I think they based their attitudes here on what the description said..I dont recall mine at all! 


Omg so much dramablahblahblaaah , over her, JUST HER. I mean, sure, I value critique, but she IS based on the cyberpunk fashion (Google it. ) but..so much hate, like, hate hate, DIE IN A FIRE WHAT IN THE NINE HELLS IS THIS SHIT SPARKLE DOG DESU kind of hate. But..wow, all the hate its as if I submitted a pony eating Fluttershy and it won.

I wasnt even thinking sparkle dog.

So much for LOVE AND TOLERATE. hur hur hur


Yea, and hey, why dont you ask her something!


: O !!


The winner was TINKER, that blue unicorn there down at the bottom corner, whom belongs to… http://the-kittymoo-korner.tumblr.com !!

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